Tunics and Sleeves

Our tunics are offered “A la Carte”. Please combine our body style (Vest) with neckline insets, a sleeve, cuff, sleeve cap or a peplum. Our un-decorated tunics may be made to your specifications (including boy’s custom sizing). All body styles (vests) and sleeves are lined with twill and built on to a nylon Lycra facing for ease of movement (except sleeve style “A” & “B). Hooks and bars are included with an instruction sheet for placement and garment care. If you don’t see what you are looking for, call us! We can create it for you.

Body Styles (Vest)

#BT Basic


Styles A & B $145.00


Style C $95.00


#TCIS Center Inserted Seam $165.00




#TCIS Center Front Onset $165.00



Contrast Piping for the Vests (A-E) Listed Above 430.00

DBLV $165.00

#CT $175.00

Contrast Piping for the Vests (A&B) Listed Above $35.00

Neckline Inserts (Dickey)

Flat $20

Gathered $45

Shirt Collar $40

Mandarin Collar $35


Cavalier $75

Classical Point $75

Classical Round $75

Dagged $145

Knight $85

Trojan $150


“A” $65.00

“B” $75.00

“C” $85.00

“D” $125.00

“E” $155.00

“F” $165.00

“G” $175.00

“H” $215.00

“I” $215.00

Sleeve Caps And Cuffs

“A” $10.00

“B” $20.00

“C” $35.00

“D” $20.00

“E” $45.00

“F” $45.00

“G” $55.00

“H” $60.00

“I” $75.00